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  • Firepits



    A sleek log holder that will keep all your logs and kindling perfectly organised and ready for nights warmed by the fire.

  • Firepits



    For all those lovers for grilling their favorite foods, Kaniry has designed a special steel circular grill stand that can be kept on top of any of our firepits.
    The high heat and direct contact with your grill will make foods crispy on the outside while keeping them moist inside – all while adding a smoky flavor to your meal.
    This additional grill stand allows the firepit to provide multipurpose benefits for every home.
    They come in black and silver polish, making it a must-buy with the Kaniry Firepit.

  • Firepits

    Smoke-less Tabletop Fire Pit with Stand


    Kaniry proudly unveils its pioneering Smoke-less Fire Pits this season, redefining outdoor warmth. Designed with intricate double walls and a secondary combustion system, these fire pits are masterfully crafted to generate minimal smoke. This mechanism not only ensures efficient wood and charcoal burning down to ash but also eliminates lingering smoke particles.

  • Firepits

    Mini Fire Pit


    The “Slick” 21.5-Inch Outdoor Iron Fire Pit from Kaniry Home Decor boasts a robust heavy-duty iron stand, ensuring unmatched durability. Its solid construction promises longevity, guaranteeing countless memorable evenings around the fire. Whether for intimate gatherings or serene solo moments, “Slick” stands as an enduring and elegant focal point for any outdoor space.

  • Firepits



    With the essential tools at your disposal, handling your fire pit becomes a breeze. From the precision of the Firepit Tong to the efficiency of the Fire Poker, every moment by the fire becomes seamless. Pair that with the Firepit Shovel for clean-up and the Firepit Brush for maintenance, and you’ve got a perfect fire-management kit for unforgettable evenings.

  • Firepits



    Equip your fire pit with the essential tools for a perfect evening. The must-haves include the Firepit tong for precision log handling, Fire poker to stoke and spread embers, Firepit shovel to safely clear ashes, and the Firepit brush for maintenance. Wanda’s Fire tools, made of heavy-duty iron, ensure durability and come with a 15? stand for easy access. Adorned with round colonial handles in wood color, they not only enhance your fire pit’s aesthetic but ensure a consistent burn. So, light up your evenings while these tools ensure safety and elegance.

  • Firepits



    This season, Kaniry unveils its pioneering Smoke-less firepits. Crafted with double-wall technology and secondary combustion, these firepits release minimal smoke, ensuring a cleaner, more efficient burn. Ideal for both outdoor and indoor settings, the Volley Smoke-less fire pit stands out with its eco-friendly design, consistent radiant heat, and no-smoke feature. Warm up your gatherings without the hassle of smoke or mess and embrace a sustainable winter experience.

  • Firepits



    Experience Kaniry’s groundbreaking Smoke-less firepits this season! Using advanced double-wall and secondary combustion technology, they ensure minimal smoke and efficient fuel burn. These firepits are eco-friendly, emitting fewer pollutants and offering consistent radiant heat. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, they provide a clean, efficient burn. This winter, enjoy warmth without the smoke, with Kaniry’s Salvo Smoke-less fire pit.

  • Firepits



    Introducing “Kansa Slick”, Kaniry Home Decor’s 29.5-inch copper outdoor fire pit. Built with a sturdy iron stand, it promises lasting durability. Its round mesh design offers a 360-degree view of enchanting flames. Spacious and elegant, it’s the perfect centerpiece for memorable outdoor evenings.

  • Firepits



    Introducing “Diamond Cut” by Kaniry Home Decor – a grand 28-inch masterpiece that’s more than just a fire pit. Crafted with a formidable iron stand, its durability and stability are unmatched. Serving as a stunning centerpiece, whether for intimate moments or gatherings, its impeccable design promises longevity. The round iron mesh grants a full 360-degree spectacle of the mesmerizing dance of the flames, ensuring every angle is the best seat in the house. And with its spacious bowl, you’re not just sparking a fire; you’re kindling memories, warmth, and extended hours of sheer enjoyment. Whether it’s a simple marshmallow roast or a night of stories and laughter, “Diamond Cut” is designed for memories that last as long as its flames.

  • Firepits



    Discover “Bryne” by Kaniry Home Decor: a compact 22-inch black iron fire pit crafted for resilience. With its robust iron stand, it promises years of dependable use. The round mesh design not only accentuates its beauty but ensures a captivating 360-degree flame view. Ideal for both grand fires and intimate gatherings, “Bryne” guarantees a warm, memorable outdoor experience every time.

  • Firepits

    LATICE – 36 inch Black Outdoor Iron Fire Pit


    Introducing “Lattice” by Kaniry Home Decor: a 36-inch black iron fire pit designed for endurance. Built with a heavy-duty iron stand, it promises longevity and unwavering performance. Its round mesh offers a panoramic flame view, enhancing your outdoor ambiance. Perfect for grand fires and long, memorable evenings, this fire pit ensures a warm, captivating experience for all.

  • Firepits

    29 Inch Outdoor Iron Fire Pit Set with Mesh Guard


    Enjoy the ambiance and warmth of the outdoor firepits in your backyard all year round. The firepit with lid allows you to keep your firepits outdoor during all seasons. Sit back and relax while staying warm and cozy.

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    HEXAVE – 27.5 Inch Wrought Iron Hexagonal Fire Pit for Outdoors


    Add warmth and character to your outdoor entertainment area. Whether your backward is big or small – kaniry’s firepit is designed to fit.Say goodbye to borthersome smoke and enjoy clean camp fire with mesh lid.

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    PALEMO – 29.3 Inch Outdoor Iron Fire Pit Set with Airflow technology


    Create your own winter getaway with our simples and elegant firepits, because who doesn’t like winter evenings with friends, family and barbeque.

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